A little about us

We are excited to provide a fantastic range of exotic insects and arachnids in such a great hobby! At Bug Box we are not just any exotic pet store, we are also hobbyists and collectors ourselves. 

​All of the invertebrates are of high quality and care at Bug Box. So you can feel confident and ensured that the invertebrates you are purchasing will thrive in your care. We ship all around the UK and if you have any enquiries please get in touch with our friendly sales team.

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Eresus & Bundles

Eresus & Bundles

Welcome to the UK's number one eresus store! Here you will find... 

Reptile Livefood

Reptile Livefood

Reptile Live Food We now have a fantastic range of gut loaded... 

  • Live-Food

    We have teamed up with the UK largest Live-Food suppliers to ship out your live-food directly from them to your door. This ensures the healthiest live-food possible on the market

  • Customer Guarantee

    We want to provide our customers with the highest standards of customer service possible. If there is anything we can help you with, please get in touch today!

  • Pet Invertebrates

    We stock the highest quality of pet insects and arachnids which have been sustainable and ethically sourced.