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Eresus Taygetos Females

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These Eresus species are a beautiful addition to anyones collection!

Egg sac care: Leave the egg sacs with the mothers, they will look after them. Make sure you do not disturb the mother at anytime. The mother eresus will bring the egg sacs out for some heat in the sunshine, they will do all the work.

Once the spiderlings hatch the mother will release an enzyme into her body which slowly turns her insides into sludge. the enzyme breaks down her insides so the spiderlings will have food to feast on. This is normal behaviour.

At this stage we can not 100% guarantee egg sac fertility, this is because some of the egg sacs are new and fresh so haven't had time to develop and brown in colour for us to determine if they are fertile or not.

Our eresus tanks make the perfect habitat and the stick on leaves are the perfect decor to add for shelter for the spiders. We leave the tubes loose in the tank as they will act as a burrow to save wasting any energy for the mother spider.

Please see our blog for the eresus care guide.


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Recent Review:

Fantastic selection of ladybird spiders, the best I have ever seen all in one place and really reasonably priced.

- Jennifer G

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